March 14 Deaths

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March 14th, 2008 (March 14 2008)DeathChiara Lubich, Italian Catholic activist and leader and foundress of the Focolare (born in 1920)
March 14th, 2008 (March 14 2008)DeathAnthony Minghella, English Oscar winning film director (born in 1954)
March 14th, 2007 (March 14 2007)DeathLucie Aubrac, French history teacher and member of the French Resistance (born in 1912)
March 14th, 2007 (March 14 2007)DeathGareth Hunt, English actor (born in 1943)
March 14th, 2006 (March 14 2006)DeathAnn Calvello, Roller Derby Queen (born in 1929)
March 14th, 2006 (March 14 2006)DeathLennart Meri, former president of Estonia (born in 1929)
March 14th, 2003 (March 14 2003)DeathJack Goldstein, Canadian-born artist (born in 1945)
March 14th, 2003 (March 14 2003)DeathJean-Luc Lagardere, French publisher (born in 1928)
March 14th, 2002 (March 14 2002)DeathHans-Georg Gadamer, German philosopher (born in 1900) Philo Quotes
March 14th, 2002 (March 14 2002)DeathCherry Wilder, New Zealand-born author (born in 1930)
March 14th, 1999 (March 14 1999)DeathKirk Alyn, American actor (born in 1910)
March 14th, 1997 (March 14 1997)DeathFred Zinnemann, Austrian-born director (born in 1907)
March 14th, 1995 (March 14 1995)DeathWilliam Alfred Fowler, American physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1911)Alfred Nobel Quotes
March 14th, 1992 (March 14 1992)DeathJean Poiret, French actor, director and screenwriter (born in 1926)
March 14th, 1991 (March 14 1991)DeathHoward Ashman, American lyricist and playwright (born in 1950)
March 14th, 1991 (March 14 1991)DeathDoc Pomus, American composer (born in 1925)
March 14th, 1991 (March 14 1991)DeathMargery Sharp, children s author (born in 1905)
March 14th, 1989 (March 14 1989)DeathEdward Abbey, American author and environmental activist (born in 1927)Edward Abbey Quotes
March 14th, 1983 (March 14 1983)DeathMaurice Ronet, French film actor (born in 1927)
March 14th, 1980 (March 14 1980)DeathMohammad Hatta, Indonesian politician (born in 1902)
March 14th, 1977 (March 14 1977)DeathFannie Lou Hamer, American civil rights activist (born in 1917)Fannie Lou Hamer Quotes
March 14th, 1976 (March 14 1976)DeathBusby Berkeley, American choreographer and director (born in 1895)
March 14th, 1975 (March 14 1975)DeathSusan Hayward, American actress (born in 1917)
March 14th, 1973 (March 14 1973)DeathHoward Aiken, American engineer (born in 1900)
March 14th, 1973 (March 14 1973)DeathRafael Godoy, Colombian composer (born in 1907)
March 14th, 1973 (March 14 1973)DeathChic Young, American cartoonist (born in 1901)
March 14th, 1957 (March 14 1957)DeathEvagoras Pallikarides, Cypriot freedom fighter (born in 1938)
March 14th, 1949 (March 14 1949)DeathJohn Callan O Laughlin, American political and military figure and journalist (born in 1873)
March 14th, 1946 (March 14 1946)DeathWerner von Blomberg, field marshal (born in 1878)Werner von Blomberg Quotes
March 14th, 1933 (March 14 1933)DeathBalto, husky dog who brought back the antitoxin in 1925
March 14th, 1932 (March 14 1932)DeathGeorge Eastman, American inventor, and founder of Eastman Kodak (born in 1854)
March 14th, 1884 (March 14 1884)DeathQuintino Sella, Italian statesman (born in 1827)
March 14th, 1883 (March 14 1883)DeathKarl Marx, German philosopher and political theorist (born in 1818)Karl Marx Quotes
March 14th, 1823 (March 14 1823)DeathCharles Francois Dumouriez, French general (born in 1739)
March 14th, 1811 (March 14 1811)DeathAugustus FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1735)
March 14th, 1805 (March 14 1805)DeathStanislaw Szczesny Potocki, Russian general (born in 1753)
March 14th, 1803 (March 14 1803)DeathFriedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, German writer (born in 1724)Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock Quotes
March 14th, 1791 (March 14 1791)DeathJohann Salomo Semler, German historian and Bible commentator (born in 1725)
March 14th, 1757 (March 14 1757)DeathJohn Byng, British admiral (executed) (born in 1704)
March 14th, 1748 (March 14 1748)DeathGeorge Wade, British military leader (born in 1673)George Ade Quotes
March 14th, 1698 (March 14 1698)DeathClaes Ralamb, Swedish statesman (born in 1622)
March 14th, 1696 (March 14 1696)DeathJean Domat, French jurist (born in 1625)
March 14th, 1682 (March 14 1682)DeathJacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael, Dutch painter (born in 1628)
March 14th, 1680 (March 14 1680)DeathRene Le Bossu, French critic (born in 1631)
March 14th, 1648 (March 14 1648)DeathFerdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, English general (born in 1584)
March 14th, 1647 (March 14 1647)DeathFrederick Henry, Prince of Orange (born in 1584)
March 14th, 1471 (March 14 1471)DeathSir Thomas Malory, English author (born in 1405)Thomas Malory Quotes
March 14th, 1457 (March 14 1457)DeathJingtai Emperor of China (born in 1428)
March 14th, 0968 (March 14 0968)DeathMatilda of Ringelheim, German Queen (c. 895)
March 14th, 0752 (March 14 0752)DeathPope Zachary

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