March 14 2007

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March 14th, 2007 (March 14 2007)DeathLucie Aubrac, French history teacher and member of the French Resistance (born in 1912)
March 14th, 2007 (March 14 2007)DeathGareth Hunt, English actor (born in 1943)
March 14th, 1997 (March 14 1997)EventThe Chinese city of Chongqing (formerly Chunking) is upgraded to a centrally administered municipality.
March 14th, 1997 (March 14 1997)DeathFred Zinnemann, Austrian-born director (born in 1907)
March 14th, 1977 (March 14 1977)BirthAki Hoshino, Japanese model
March 14th, 1977 (March 14 1977)DeathFannie Lou Hamer, American civil rights activist (born in 1917)Fannie Lou Hamer Quotes
March 14th, 1967 (March 14 1967)EventThe body of President John F. Kennedy is moved to a permanent burial place at Arlington National Cemetery.John F. Kennedy Quotes
March 14th, 1957 (March 14 1957)BirthAndrew Robinson, British author
March 14th, 1957 (March 14 1957)BirthTad Williams, American author
March 14th, 1957 (March 14 1957)DeathEvagoras Pallikarides, Cypriot freedom fighter (born in 1938)
March 14th, 1947 (March 14 1947)BirthPam Ayres, British poetPam Ayres Quotes
March 14th, 1947 (March 14 1947)BirthWilliam J. Jefferson, American politician
March 14th, 1937 (March 14 1937)EventPope Pius XI officially issued the encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge to Nazi Germany.
March 14th, 1887 (March 14 1887)BirthSylvia Beach, American publisher (died in 1962)
March 14th, 1887 (March 14 1887)BirthCharles Reisner, American silent actor and film director (died in 1962)
March 14th, 1807 (March 14 1807)BirthJosephine of Leuchtenberg, queen of Sweden and Norway (died in 1876)
March 14th, 1757 (March 14 1757)EventOn-board the HMS Monarch, Admiral John Byng is executed by firing squad for neglecting his duty.
March 14th, 1757 (March 14 1757)DeathJohn Byng, British admiral (executed) (born in 1704)
March 14th, 1647 (March 14 1647)EventThirty Years War: Bavaria, Cologne, France and Sweden sign the Truce of Ulm.
March 14th, 1647 (March 14 1647)DeathFrederick Henry, Prince of Orange (born in 1584)
March 14th, 1457 (March 14 1457)DeathJingtai Emperor of China (born in 1428)

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